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CO2 Laser Hand Pieces

Standard Hand Pieces
Main Hand Piece: used for connecting articulated arm and different hand-piece tip.
Transition Tube: used to extend Main Hand Piece when necessary.
Tonsil Tip: used for tonsil operation when plugged into Main Hand Piece.
Focus Tip: used for burning and cutting when plugged into Mian Handpiece. The tip is the focus of the co2 laser beam.
Customized Hand Pieces
Used to insert into Main Hand Piece (or Transition Tube). Also can be used with CO2 fiber reflect hand piece or CO2 fiber focus hand piece.
Used to insert to the Main Hand Piece (or Transition Tube) to make the beam deflect to 90 degree.
Used with CO2 fiber hand piece to deflect laser beam to 90 degree.

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