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Laser sugery procedures have been proven to be less swelling, less blood loss, less pain and faster recovery in practice.
Our CO2 Surgical Laser System uses state-of-the-art technologies and is designed to cut, vaporize, burn, and solidify tissue for different clinical surgery procedures.
The system has been proven to be reliable and easy to operate. The system is sealed-off CO2 laser providing up to 15W and 25W output power on the tissue, The system is microprocessor-controlled and using a closed circulating water cooling system. A footswitch is used to control the laser output. The laser beam delivery system consists of light-weight, spring-balanced, 7-joint articulated arm. The working radius of the articulated arm at full extension is 110cm.
The main operating modes include: single, continuous, repetition, superpulse, and ultrapulse. The laser beam is a fixed focal length beam which diverges beyond that fixed distance. To change from cutting to coagulation use, simply increase the distance from the tissue.
A red pilot beam is emitted to help provide the operator guidance during use.

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