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veterinary co2 surgical laser for veterinarian

co2 surgical laser for pet laser surgery

veterinary co2 surgical laser

Q. What is laser?
A. Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser system supplies highly focused and powerful beam that can selectively interact with tissue.

Q: How does laser work?
A: Our CO2 surgical laser system uses controlled pulses of light to precisely ablate, cut or remove target tissue by vaporizing tissue. It is is totally different from traditional surgical tool.

Q: What are the benefits of laser surgery?
A: Here is the list of the major benifits:
  • Less Bleeding - CO2 laser seals small blood vessels to reduce bleeding during surgery
  • Less Pain - CO2 laser seals nerve endings to reduce the pain during laser surgery.
  • Reduced Infection - Laser surgery minimizes the physical contact with the surgical target, thus reduce possibility of infection after surgery.
  • Quicker Recovery - Less bleeding and less pain reduce the recovery time.

Q. What is superpulse and ultrapulse laser?
A. Super-pulsed or ultra-pulsed laser is in a pulsed laser output with around 250 to 1000 pulses per second. The peak powers per pulse is often higher than the continuous wave mode, however the average powers of the pulses are below the maximum in continuous wave mode.

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